The WordCamp Sacramento Call For Speakers Closes Soon!

Apply to Speak At WordCamp Sacramento

If you’ve been putting off submitting an application to speak at WordCamp Sacramento 2017, thinking you’ll get to it later, or fill out the form on the weekend, STOP IT!

Don’t keep putting it off because suddenly you’ll look at the calendar, see the Call For Speakers deadline has passed, and both you and I will be very sad. Please carve out some time to sit down, fill out the speaker application, and send us your talk ideas.

Also, here are a few tips to help you out:

Submit Multiple Talks

Yes, you are more than welcome to apply as many times as you want with different talk topics. This actually helps us find a spot for you when we’re selecting speakers and putting the schedule together. How? Imagine someone else submits the exact same topic that you did, or one that is really similar. We’re not going to pick both, and providing a second or third option increases your chances that we’ll find a spot for you. It’s not a guarantee, but it does help.

Submit Different Types of Talks

If you have a development talk idea and a design talk idea or a business talk idea, submit them all. We only take a certain number of each type of talk, and submitting topics in different areas gives us more flexibility in selecting speakers and creating our event schedule.

Lightning Talks Are Awesome

If you don’t have time to prep a full length session of 30-40 minutes, or you don’t want to have to create a talk that long, submit a lightning talk! They’re only 10 minutes long — just enough to tell us all about your favorite plugin and show us how it works, or share a quick idea or strategy.

Submit A Talk We’re Hoping To See At WordCamp

One of the easiest ways to move your application to the top of the list (again, not a guarantee), is to submit a topic that we’re hoping to see as a WordCamp session. To make it easy for you, I wrote a blog post for you that includes a wishlist of WordCamp session topics we want to see.

Fill Out The Form Correctly

I know you may read this and think, “Duh,” but I need to remind all applicants to fill out the Call For Speakers form correctly. That means your actual name needs to be in the name field and the email used needs to be an actual working email that we can use to reach you.

If you’re submitting a talk, please read all of the instructions on the Call For Speakers page and follow them. Show us you’re easy to work with!

Peace, Love, And WordPress

Also, please remember to be nice! Not only is everyone associated with this event a volunteer, we’re an inclusive, respectful event, and take out Code of Conduct seriously.

  • Avoid including negative phrasing and put downs in your talk titles and descriptions.
  • Don’t talk poorly about other platforms, other website or blog options, or types of providers or products.
  • Don’t include profanity, hateful phrases, controversial speech or images in your slides, or anything else that might be perceived as mean.

We hope you apply to speak — and hurry up and submit your talk before the deadline of May 5, 2017!

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