WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor

ataylor.me | @ataylorme

Andrew currently works for Pantheon providing consulting for their agency partners and giving back to the WordPress community.

As a former web developer, Andrew spent his time on large scale projects for clients such as AMC Networks, Frito Lay, National Van Lines and more. With over 8 years of web development experience, specializing in WordPress, he is a seasoned veteran.

WordCamp Session Title

The WordPress REST API: A Development Primer

Why Is This Important?

The REST API is one of three focus areas for WordPress. It allows WordPress to be a part of modern web applications and is an essential skill for serious developers.

How Did You Discover WordPress?

I discovered WordPress through work building sites for clients. It started as a blogging solution then became a full solution when custom post types landed in WordPress 3.0.

How Do You Use WordPress?

I enjoy pushing WordPress to it’s limits and including it as a piece of a larger enterprise applications. I also teach WordPress and development practices for work and pleasure.

How Has WordPress Impacted You?

The development community has helped me grow web development from a hobby into a passion and then a career. I love giving back and sharing my experience with the community that has changed my life.

What Do You Do When Not Working?

I enjoy spending time with family, staying active, the occasional craft beer, and watching soccer.

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