WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Arsen Rabinovich

Arsen Rabinovich

Arsen Rabinovich

tophatrank.com | @tophatarsen

Arsen Rabinovich is the founder of TopHatRank.com LLC, a Los Angeles-based, Search and Social Marketing Agency that specializes in innovative digital marketing techniques for modern brands of all sizes.

Arsen has over 9 years of experience as a digital marketer specializing in SEO, some of his clients include brands like The Walking Dead, Beyond Yoga, and Hint Water. He’s built large social communities for fashion brands reaching millions of people, strategized and executed search and social marketing campaigns with million dollar budgets and has helped multiple brands recover from search engine penalties and devaluations.

WordCamp Session Title

WordPress Technical SEO: Best Practices for Publishers and eCommerce

Why Is This Important?

I do a lot of technical SEO audits, about 250 per year counting pre and post sale audits, most are on WordPress sites, and consistently see the same (or similar) issue. These issues are most of the time a byproduct of poorly designed themes, users putting too much trust in SEO plugins without knowing how to configure them, and publisher’s lack of understanding of how Google retrieves information through crawls (just to name a few).

This session is important as it will provide guidance on industry’s latest technical SEO best practices and how they are applied to WordPress powered websites.

How Did You Discover WordPress?

I discovered WordPress back in 2006 when I gave up on Joomla and wanted something better.

How Do You Use WordPress?

As an SEO expert, I expose websites powered by WordPress to online consumers who are searching the web.

How Has WordPress Impacted You?

I LOVE WordPress! I love that a skilled developer can pretty much do anything with WordPress. As a CMS, WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to work with for SEOs.

What Do You Do When Not Working?

Hang out with my kid and ride mountain bikes.

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