WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Catherine “Cat” Scholz

Cat Scholz

Catherine “Cat” Scholz

catswebweave.com | @catswebweave

Cat has been a WordPress coach, front-end developer, and consultant since 2007. She works with authors, entrepreneurs, arts organizations, non-profits, “mad” scientists, musicians, artists, small businesses, companies, healers and hobbyists. Her passion is working with clients to create the look and functionality that they want while teaching them how to update their own content.

She teaches hands-on classes through Sierra College Community Education and also offers e-courses for those wanting to learn WordPress from the comfort of home. In addition to her WordPress wizardry, she is also a singer-songwriter and enjoys being a mother of 2, hiking, dancing, roller skating and cooking.

WordCamp Session Title

Introduction to Jetpack

Why Is This Important?

Jetpack offers many powerful features to WordPress users and it’s a free plugin. Makes sense to make sure people know about its capabilities (and its downfalls).

How Did You Discover WordPress?

After 7 years of working as a board-certified music therapist, music educator and a singer-songwriter, I began a new career building WordPress websites while working on my first fully-produced album of original music.

There was a transition period between these 2 careers during which I hired a local web developer to build my music teaching website. I had played around with html in college, so when she gave me a copy of Contribute (html editing software) that would allow me to do the changes myself, I got inspired to build websites that people could update and maintain themselves.

So in 2008, when I wanted to build another website to showcase (and sell) my music online, I came across Mark Maxwell’s website. I looked at the source code and discovered it was built with WordPress. Having no idea what WordPress was, I went to WordPress.org and downloaded the software. Thus began my trip “down the rabbit hole” and my next career of developing WordPress websites as I followed my curiosity into the world of WordPress, themes and plugins.

That was 2007. Now years later, after trying out many different themes and plugins, getting messy breaking and fixing things, I bring my WordPress knowledge and skills to authors, entrepreneurs, arts organizations, non-profits, mad scientists, musicians, artists, small businesses, companies, healers and hobbyists.

How Do You Use WordPress?

I often co-create designs with my clients or take their design concept and bring it into form using WordPress and CSS. Then I teach clients how to maintain and update their site.

I also enjoy converting HTML websites to WordPress websites. My passion is creating websites that are easy to update for the website owner. Keeping that aim in mind, I am constantly seeking to employ themes and plugins that are coded with the customer experience in mind.

I also offer e-courses that takes beginners through the basics of building a self-hosted WordPress website and I teach classes through Sierra College Community Education.

How Has WordPress Impacted You?

The impact has really been immense for me. My first career was a flop but I learned a lot about running my own business and applied those skills to becoming a web developer. The WordPress community was so open and generous to me as I started out with little more than a passion and a will to help people take control of their own websites. It was a huge leap of faith into the unknown and I was met by many “angels” who guided my way.

What Do You Do When Not Working?

My kids are amazing and I love being with them. I also enjoy hiking, dancing, cooking and playing/writing/performing music.

What Is Your Favorite Candy?

Truthfully, I hate candy. Now give me some tiramisu, and I am in heaven.

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