WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Chris Lema

Chris Lema

Chris Lema

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Chris Lema has been building online web applications since 1995. He started working with WordPress in 2005. And today he’s the VP of Products & Innovation at Liquid Web, a 100MM hosting company. He’s known in the WordPress community as a blogger, public speaker, and the creator of CaboPress, a business conference for WordPress businesses.

WordCamp Session Title

The Single Thing You Need To Get Right to Succeeding at Peace, Love, And WordPress

Why Is This Important?

Most people think the secret to success is either being brilliant, superbly skilled, highly educated or ridiculously lucky. I don’t agree. I think success is well within everyone’s reach. But it means thinking about things differently than most bloggers, plugin developers, theme creators, freelancers or agencies do.

How Did You Discover WordPress?

I was looking, in 2005, for a solution for my customers so that they could change their websites without calling me. After looking at several content management systems, I landed on WordPress because I felt like it was easy enough for my clients to learn.

How Do You Use WordPress?

Today I’m building a new version of Managed WordPress hosting. Even though companies have offered this product for more than 7 years, I think there’s a lot of innovation still left to achieve.

How Has WordPress Impacted You?

Many of my closest friends are people I met thru WordCamps. Over the years, WordPress pulled me away from a corporate product development job and into a WordPress agency and today I work at a hosting company. I’m pretty sure that in the last 6 years, WordPress has impacted every facet of my personal and corporate life.

What Do You Do When Not Working?

I smoke a lot of cigars and I try to do that in my hot tub when I can. I also love reading. And I blog.

What Is Your Favorite Candy?


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