WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Margaret Andrews

Margaret Andrews

Margaret Andrews

stickyreaders.com | @stickyreaders

Margaret is an author, freelance writer, teacher, and humor blogger who has been blogging since 2005. She has published two books on blogging: Sticky Readers: How to Attract a Loyal Audience by Writing More Better and Adventures in Blogville: A Creative Writing Guide for Teens. She authors the award-winning humor blog, Nanny Goats in Panties, and the blogging tutorial site, Sticky Readers. She is also the co-founder of the Sacramento Bloggers network and currently serves on the advisory board for the International Food Bloggers Conference. And… she uses WordPress for everything.

WordCamp Session Title

Blogging Success and Monetization Panel Discussion

How Did You Discover WordPress?

Word of mouth.

How Do You Use WordPress?

I author several blogs/websites.

  1. A personal humor blog.
  2. A blogging tutorial website.
  3. A bloggers network website.
  4. 4. A nonprofit organization website.

I use WordPress primarily for website design and blogging.

How Has WordPress Impacted You?

It has provided a flexible platform to create websites and blogs. I use it for writing, making money, being creative, supporting my employer’s nonprofit organization, private consulting. Simply put, it is the core of my online business.

What Do You Do When Not Working?

Watch Formula 1 Racing (and no, it’s not like NASCAR). Read books, binge-watch British TV shows, and play casino slot machines.

What Is Your Favorite Candy?

Gummy bears.

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