WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Matt Cromwell

Matt Cromwell

Matt Cromwell

mattcromwell.com | @learnwithmattc

Matt is Head of Support and Community Outreach at GiveWP.com and WordImpress.com. He is the author of several popular free plugins, the Lead Organizer of the Advanced WordPress San Diego Meetup and AWP Facebook group (which boasts over 25K members) and a WordPress Community Consultant for Media Temple. He’s a popular blogger at his personal site, wordimpress.com, givewp.com, and mediatemple.net.

WordCamp Session Title

Best Practices for Nonprofit Websites

Why Is This Important?

WordPress is the perfect platform for a nonprofit organization. But often, NGOs and volunteer organizations have been left far behind when it comes to online resources, tools, and practices. WordPress can be a great launching pad for nonprofits to level up and start operating and looking professional with their web-presence. Which in the end should result in more volunteers, more engagement with their Cause, and potentially more donations as well.

I hope my talk will help empower freelancers, agencies, and NGO staff to do more, and do it better with their WordPress website.

How Did You Discover WordPress?

I was thrown into the deepend by a good friend who needed some website help. I told him I played with some other CMSes and loved coding HTML/CSS with Notepad so he said “Build me a WordPress site for a client” … so I did. After a lot of turmoil and “doing it wrong” moments. At the same time he introduced me to our local San Diego Meetup: Advanced WordPress — which had just started a Facebook group as well. That has been my go-to resource for leveling up in all ways ever since it started.

How Do You Use WordPress?

I’ve done freelance/contract work, plugin and theme development, and now I’m partner at WordImpress. I’m Head of Support and Community Outreach — our most popular product is GiveWP.com a donation plugin for WordPress. We have 185+ 5-star reviews and 20K+ Active installs. We’ve grown from a team of 2 to a team of 10 in just a little more than 2 years; we’re very proud of Give mostly because of all the GOOD it’s doing in the world, and we try to have our team reflect that at all time.

How Has WordPress Impacted You?

It’s taken over completely! I originally was only freelancing as a side-gig to fund my academic pursuits. I was planning to be a college professor in History and/or Religion. As I climbed the academic ladder I realized that careers in academia might cost me and my family much more than it was worth, and my freelancing was taking off. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, with 3 kids and a mortgage to stop doing everything and depend completely on my WordPress career. Every time I look back I’m amazed I am where I am and so thankful.

What Do You Do When Not Working?

I play piano, compose a bit here and there. Read sci-fi or historical fiction. I brew beer, I love and play with my kids and wife. I work on my house.

What Is Your Favorite Candy?

I make peppermint bark every Christmas that I love. Also German chocolate bars with whole almonds.

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