WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Treighton Mauldin

Treighton Mauldin

Treighton Mauldin

pagedesigngroup.com | @Treighton1988

Treighton’s professional career started in construction management, but after about eight years, he realized that his heart wasn’t in it, and decided to pursue a career in programming.

He has now been in web development for about three years, working at Page Design Group on projects ranging from simple static sites to more complex web applications with a variety of integrations.

WordCamp Session Title

Off With It’s Head! Use WordPress as a Decoupled CMS for Single Page Applications

Why Is This Important?

  1. It is significantly different than how most people approach WordPress development.
  2. I think it is important to show the flexibility of WordPress.
  3. It’s kind of cool.
  4. How Did You Discover WordPress?

    Through my first full-time web dev job.

    How Do You Use WordPress?

    I use WordPress extensively in my day to day work at Page Design. We use WordPress to build all sorts of sites and applications.

    How Has WordPress Impacted You?

    WordPress has had a significant impact on my professional life due to the fact that it is so widely used, and becoming an expert in using it to build complex custom sites has allowed me to grow rapidly in my career.

    What Do You Do When Not Working?

    Mostly try to convince people that Hall and Oates is one of the greatest bands of all time.

    What Is Your Favorite Candy?

    I am sweet enough without candy.

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