Terry Webster Schrandt

Terri Webster Schrandt

Terri is a non-fiction writer, self-published author and retired recreation and parks practitioner living in Sacramento, California. Currently a university lecturer teaching leisure education in the recreation and parks major, Terri takes leisure very seriously because it involves one-third of our lives…really!

Obtaining a Master’s Degree at age 50, Terri wrote her thesis on the Four Generations in the Workplace, re-sparking her love of writing at midlife. In addition to writing and blogging, she offers consultation services and conducts and presents workshops for a variety of organizations.

In 2016 Terri self-published an eBook through Amazon Better Blogging with Photography and has become somewhat of an expert in image management. She is writing another eBook tentatively titled “No Excuses Fitness at Any Age.”

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives is her WordPress.com blog about living a leisure lifestyle. Most of her posts reflect her leisure places & spaces and her reactions to them. She shares a variety of stories all related to a healthy leisure lifestyle.

It is Terri’s passion to educate people about leisure… one blog post at a time.