Applause For Bronze-Level Sponsor DreamHost

WordCamp Sacramento Sponsor DreamHost

Ah, Sacramento! The heart of California! What’s not to love? First you’ve got the Sac. Then all of that sweet Rament hiding in the middle. And finally the O at the end. So satisfying. It’s the whole package!

DreamHost is proud to be a sponsor of WordCamp Sacramento 2017!

Here’s a crazy statistic! On average we have 1.8 WordPress installations for every single customer at DreamHost. That’s a whole lot of WordPress all over our servers. With WordPress powering over a quarter of all sites on the web, it’s hard to see why anyone wouldn’t get excited about its incredible ability to give voices to the voiceless through lovingly-crafted lines of poetic code.

DreamHost supports WordPress with our time, with our talent, and with our technology. We’ve built incredible managed WordPress hosting options like DreamPress that make it run like lightning!

WordPress brings the creativity of people and the power of computers together in a way that few platforms have been able to accomplish. The WordPress community is incredible and never ceases to amaze us! It’s full of thousands of helpful people, all focused as much on improving the core platform as it is to ensuring that anyone who wants their voice heard online gets that chance.

WordCamps take the best of the WordPress community and bring it offline. WordPress users, designers, and developers of all skill levels gather together for two days of learning and networking in one of the most supportive environments you’ll find in the tech world.

We’re thrilled to be sponsoring WordCamp Sacramento this year and can’t wait to hear your stories!

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