Why YOU Should Come To Sacramento For WordCamp

Sacramento, California

Sacramento is the capital California — where you will find cultural attractions, cutting-edge cuisine, and rich Gold Rush history. Sacramento is home to the original Pony Express, first public art museum founded in the Western United States, the largest almond processing plant in the world, and three of only nine International World Peace Rose Gardens in the world. From historic Old Sacramento’s gold rush era boardwalks, the Railroad Museum, and Sutter’s Fort, to the theater, the ballet, and the brand new cutting edge Golden 1 Center, there is never a shortage of things to do when you visit Sacramento.

Sacramento Fun Facts

  • Known as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, Sacramento is home to one of the largest California Certified Farmers’ Markets in the state and offers the most ethnically diversified market in both produce and customer demographics. The Sacramento region also has more nearly 50 farmers markets, many of them year-round fixtures. September is devoted to farm-to-fork events — perfect timing for WordCamp — and many restaurants feature special menus.
  • The Sacramento region’s craft beer scene is exploding, boasting more nearly 50 breweries as well, with some brewers embracing a hops-to-pint approach by crafting locally farmed beers, and critics are taking notice of the region.
  • Also known as the City of Trees, Sacramento was named by Spanish explorers for the amount of ash trees in the region. Today the city continues to have the most trees per capita of any other city in the world, second only to Paris. The city utility program also provides free shade trees to residents annually. Sacramento has earned the distinction of being one of the 10 best urban forests in the United States.
  • Sacramento, is one of the world’s best cities for coffee lovers, with roasters giving complimentary origin tastings and brew demos, communal tables and pour-over bars, dessert and coffee pairings, and even Nitrogen-infused coffee and tea.
  • The Golden 1 Center, the new home of the Sacramento Kings, is LEED platinum-certified and the first entirely solar-powered arena in the world. It’s also the first arena in the NBA to have all-gender restrooms. When it comes to food, ninety percent of the center’s food and drinks are sourced from a 150-mile radius and all of its green waste and leftover fryer oil will be recycled and reused.

While us locals know that Sacramento has an incredible amount to offer visitors, I know you might be wondering a little bit about why you should come to WordCamp. Yes, there is a stellar lineup of speakers. Yes, the sessions are diverse and high-value. Yes, it’s a fantastic place to network. But that’s not all…

We asked our speakers why they think YOU should come to WordCamp Sacramento, and here’s what they said:

Jonathan Trujillo

It’s such an amazing resource for meeting and learning from some of the best designers and developers in the business for such a crazy low ticket price.

Carrie Forde

WordCamp Sacramento feels like a true community event. The organizers go above and beyond to ensure that everyone has a great time, and do a great job of choosing speakers across a spectrum of interest-areas. Not only that, but California’s capital is a pretty hip place, and when you’re not attending sessions, consider taking some time to explore the city, or maybe even go on a tour of the capitol building.

Ben Ilfeld

For the other people of course!

Bridget Willard

Meetups and WordCamps are an important part of keeping up with our industry as well as networking and making friends. Without a healthy and thriving community, we won’t have a robust software.

Ben Byrne

To learn — not just the things you want to, but to discover new things you didn’t even know you didn’t know!

Sallie Goetsch

WordCamp Sacramento is amazingly well-organized. The team behind it is really dedicated, and they want their attendees to have fun. Plus they get great speakers on a good range of topics (if I do say so myself.) This will be my third time there. I’m hoping for a tie-dyed t-shirt.

Adam W. Warner

Although I’ve been to many, I’ve never been to WordCamp Sacramento. Why am I going? Because I’ve met many of the people on the organizing team and I KNOW how much they value open source software, the WordPress platform, and benefits of building a larger community.

Cat Scholz

You will learn something new in a safe and comfortable environment!

Jarrett Gucci

Why shouldn’t they come to any WordCamp in the world? These are the greatest events for upping your WordPress knowledge.

Bill Conrad

If you live in Northern California or Northern Nevada it is a short drive to the delta city of Sacramento. You will get to know more WordPress Friends and have an enjoyable time learning more about WordPress.

Kim Shivler

Last year was my first trip to Sacramento. It’s a really nice town with friendly people and the traffic isn’t as horrible as LA. I also found some cool little restaurants with tasty food. The WordCamp group there is super friendly and has loads of great knowledge. I look forward to seeing everyone I met last year and meeting new people.

Amanda McCoy

Not only are the Sacramento folks the nicest people, they are also super organized and run a great camp!

Cory Miller

Jen and Brian Bourn, some of the most fantastic people I’ve met.

Adam Silver

Like all WordCamps, its a great way to be immersed in the WordPress space, community and to make connections.

Justin Sainton

Because Sacramento is a beautiful city, WordPress is brilliant software, and you’ll encounter a community that is second-to-none!

Tessa Kriesel

Like all WordCamps, I strongly believe that people should attend no matter what their skill set is just to get exposure to all the things that you may not know. There are so many ways to do things and the best way to learn other ways is at WordCamps. Plus, you can hang out with some awesome people!

Andrew Taylor

WordCamps are a great way to expand your WordPress skills and be active in a wonderful community.

Leslie Staller

Even for me, a shy introvert, WordCamp is a fun place to meet great people. Both those that work in and those that want to learn more about WordPress. You always come away having learned something new and getting to help others out. The camp is volunteer run, so come and join in to also give back to the WordPress community. It’s not only fun, it’s good karma. And you might just come away with new life-long friendships birthed at WordCamp Sacramento.

Vasken Hauri

It’s the best way to get your WordCamp fix in the NorCal area!

John Locke

Sacramento is a city of diverse cultures and ideas, and a city you will love if you visit. It’s not too big, and not too small. It’s just right. Sacramento also has a thriving tech and web development community. There is always something new to learn, and new people to meet in California’s most slept on city.

Amber Hewitt

Come to WordCamp Sacramento to learn from other people to see how they use WordPress. Their answers may surprise you. This is an opportunity to have all these resources in one place.

Justin Busa

Because it’s the best WordCamp ever!

Sarah Wefald

It’s organized by an incredible team and stacked with excellent programming. One of the best!

Matt Vanderpol

The community is made up of great people who are very friendly and supportive and the organizers do a great job of putting together a well-organized and well-orchestrated event that runs smoothly and makes everyone feel welcome.

Terri Webster Schrandt

For a great place to network and ask questions!

Jen Miller

It’s the capital of California and rich in California history. Go for the WordCamp and stay to visit the train museum or go river rafting.

Matt Cromwell

This will be my first time at WCSacramento. But I’m looking forward to it since I’m a Central California boy at heart, it feels a little like coming home.

Katie Elenberger

Great people, powerful lineups, and fun city to explore.

Mike Fitzpatrick

To be around like-minded, great people while expanding knowledge of what WordPress can do.

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