A WordPress Wish List Complied By Our Speakers

WordPress Wish List

WordPress isn’t perfect and we all have secret wish lists of things we wish WordPress did. One thing I wish WordPress would add is the preserving the editor scroll when you update pages or posts! I hate that every time I save a page or post it takes me back to the top and I have to scroll back down to the place I’m editing. Hate it. Hate it.

We figured our speakers may have some wish list items too, so we requested their input and asked: What is one feature you wish WordPress would add?

Here’s what our speakers had to say:

  • Jonathan Trujillo: An easier way to find quality plugins.
  • Matt Cromwell: Categories, filtering by type and better search in the Media Library.
  • Cat Scholz: I wish the global search function would search within plugin settings for features such as “block an IP address” to take me right into a setting.
  • Andrew Taylor: Having a modern PHP requirement rather than an end of life version.
  • Jake Goldman: Content personalization.
  • Amber Hewitt: A better way to organize media.
  • Bill Conrad: An automatic image optimizer.
  • Treighton Mauldin: The ability to start with a more stripped down install.
  • Heather Hogan: A page builder.
  • Ivan Villa: A native page builder.
  • Cory Miller: It’s one I’d want to subtract maybe… the WordPress Dashboard has gotten overly complex. It’s time for a refresh.
  • Dorothy Kern: A no-follow shortcut.
  • Vasken Hauri: User-specific content.
  • Sallie Goetsch: I’m looking forward to an improved editor. Gutenberg has a ways to go but is promising. And then we need to overhaul the way widgets are handled.
  • John Locke: The ability to preview a page directly from the editing screen.
  • Adam W. Warner: A better editor experience. It’s coming…
  • Ben Byrne: Plugin dependencies
  • Kim Shivler: Improved search capabilities.
  • Matt Vanderpol: The ability to pick individual posts for export. Right now all you can do is to specify a criteria and export all posts that match the criteria. You can work around this limitation by assigning posts to a specific author and exporting posts by that author but it would be nice to have a direct selection export capability without having to go through the rigamarole of re-assigning authors.
  • Sarah Wefald: Better default search.
  • Justin Sainton: I actually wish it would take a few away!

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