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WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Vasken Hauri

Vasken Hauri

Vasken Hauri | @vaskenhauri

Vasken joined 10up in February of 2013 with over 10 years of experience working in technology in both the public and private sectors. Before becoming a WordPress developer in 2009, Vasken worked at Plymouth State University in several roles ranging from desktop support to systems administration, and occasionally, adjunct faculty member.

In November of 2010, Vasken joined GigaOM, a leading technology news and research online publication, as a WordPress developer working remotely from New Hampshire. Upon moving to the Bay Area in mid-2012, he assumed the role of a team leader within GigaOM’s rapidly growing product development group, a position he held until joining the team at 10up in February of 2013.

Vasken enjoys creating natural, consistent user experiences that enhance and promote interactivity through simplicity. As a developer, one of Vasken’s strengths is his ability to communicate highly technical concepts in a clear, non-technical way in order to build understanding between various project stakeholders. This, along with significant experience across several technology sectors, has allowed him to engineer successful projects within organizations ranging from small, independent businesses to public universities to online publications with millions of unique visitors each month.

A strong believer in open source technologies, Vasken has spoken and hosted panels at numerous WordCamp, NERCOMP, and EDUCAUSE events, on subjects ranging from Green Computing to WordPress-based centralized authentication systems. He currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in German Studies from Haverford College and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Plymouth State University, where he was also an adjunct faculty member in the Computer Science and Languages and Linguistics Departments.

When he’s not testing cache performance or planning projects, Vasken enjoys spending time with his wife, hiking with his dogs in the Yosemite area, and as a recent California transplant, is once again trying to find a good group of musicians to jam with in yet another new town.

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The Impact Of The WordPress Community

Peace Love WordPress

If you talk to anyone who has been working with WordPress for long, more than likely, you’re also going to hear them speak about the WordPress community. If you’ve been to a WordCamp, or you attend local monthly WordPress meetups, you know that community — groups of like-minded people coming together — can be a powerful thing.

We love WordCamps. Brian began going to WordCamps pretty regularly in 2011 and My first WordCamp was in 2013, and we’ve been going to as many as fit in our schedule every year since. We learn something new at every WordCamp, we deepen existing relationships, and start new ones. We’ve hired employees and subcontractors based on relationships that started at meetups and WordCamps, and so have most of our friends.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the generosity of the WordPress Community, and organizing WordCamp Sacramento and the Sacramento WordPress Meetup is our way of paying it forward… and we hope that attendees will then continue to pay it forward, as a rising tide does in fact, lift all boats.

With this in mind, we asked our speakers: How has WordCamp, the WordPress Meetup, or the WordPress community impacted you? And here’s what they had to day:

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WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Kayla Butler

Kayla Butler

Kayla Butler | @ivorymix

Kayla Butler is the Creative Director and photographer from, where she provides stock photography, resources, and support to creative bloggers and digital makers of all kinds from all stages of online business and blog growth. Her experience as a seasoned design and marketing professional comes from over 15 years of project development, design and marketing over the years while working with construction design firms, local and national real estate developers.

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WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Adam Silver

Adam Silver

Adam Silver | @heyadamsilver

Adam Silver is a native of Southern California, and is a serial entrepreneur. He currently provides WordPress development and support services through, produces two weekly podcasts at and The and runs the SouthBay WordPress Meetup. Additionally, he was and is the lead organizer for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 and 2017.

In his free time, he speaks at industry events sharing his insights and expertise into all things digital. Has been married for 18 years to his amazing wife and has three wickedly cool kids.

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Applause For Gold-Level Sponsor Media Temple

WordCamp Sacramento Sponsor Media Temple

Since Media Temple began in 1998 in Los Angeles, we’ve been on a mission to help web developers, designers, digital entrepreneurs, and innovators bring their ideas to life online.

In 16 years, we’ve seen a lot of technology trends come and go. But one thing has never changed: our commitment to our customers’ success. It’s what drives us to offer the best web hosting service and support available anytime, anywhere.

Today, our premium web hosting and cloud services power more than 1.5 million websites in 100 different countries. Over 125,000 people and businesses rely on our simple tools for web hosting, one-click WordPress installs, virtual servers, domain registration, business applications, and other cloud services. From everyday people to top bloggers, creative professionals, and businesses small and large, we make it easy for anyone to have an effective, engaging Internet presence.

WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Chris Lema

Chris Lema

Chris Lema | @chrislema

Chris Lema has been building online web applications since 1995. He started working with WordPress in 2005. And today he’s the VP of Products & Innovation at Liquid Web, a 100MM hosting company. He’s known in the WordPress community as a blogger, public speaker, and the creator of CaboPress, a business conference for WordPress businesses.

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A WordPress Wish List Complied By Our Speakers

WordPress Wish List

WordPress isn’t perfect and we all have secret wish lists of things we wish WordPress did. One thing I wish WordPress would add is the preserving the editor scroll when you update pages or posts! I hate that every time I save a page or post it takes me back to the top and I have to scroll back down to the place I’m editing. Hate it. Hate it.

We figured our speakers may have some wish list items too, so we requested their input and asked: What is one feature you wish WordPress would add?

Here’s what our speakers had to say:

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WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Tessa Kriesel

Tessa Kriesel

Tessa Kriesel | @tessak22

Agency and Community Engineer at Pantheon and Founder of Coders of TMRW, Tessa has been a web developer for over 10 years. She enjoys front-end development but also loves to build sites from start to finish. She started in Joomla back when it was founded and worked her way into WordPress and Drupal about 7 years ago. She enjoys teaching others to code as well as speaking at conferences and youth events. Tessa is a northern Minnesota native, but now lives in the Twin Cities with her husband and four children — three boys and a baby girl. She loves dogs and enjoys helping local organizations rescue dogs in her free time.

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Lunch Feature: Squeeze Inn

Squeeze Inn Food truck

The Squeeze Inn Food Truck is one of three yummy Sacramento food trucks that will be on hand for a delicious lunch at WordCamp Sacramento 2017.

If you’re a Sacramento local, you probably have already heard of the infamous Squeeze Inn… and maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to eat there! But did you know they have a food truck?

At the Sacramento County Fair Media Day, I got to preview cheeseburgers from Squeeze Inn and let me just say cheese blanket. OMG. I know for many of you, your mouth is going to water just walking over to their food truck at WordCamp!

Here’s a rundown of the Squeeze Inn Truck Menu for WordCamp Sacramento:

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