WordCamp Sacramento Speaker Interview With Leslie Staller

Leslie Staller

Leslie Staller

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Leslie is passionate about sustainability, the farmer’s market, bicycling and great design. When not behind the computer working in WordPress or learning more code, you’ll often find her with a camera in hand taking close up images of nature and our abstract world.

After having her own business for 20 years supporting small business owners and non-profits as an accountant, Leslie shifted her focus and pivoted her work to support businesses online.

In 2009, Leslie discovered WordPress and now helps people clarify their message to build customized themes on the Genesis Framework merging the sweet spot between beautiful code and beautiful design to create a user-friendly site they love.

Her introduction to computers was in the early 80’s when she enrolled in her first computer programming class (yes, those IBM punch card days that often ran infinite loops after leaving out that darn semicolon). She swore off computers until she met the original Macintosh a few years later and got hooked on the infinite possibilities instead.

Accessing the internet by dial up while living in South Africa for four years, Leslie learned the importance of optimizing images for online. While internet access speeds have increased in many locations and the tools have changed, knowing how to optimize and name images is still a key component for SEO and creating a sustainable online presence today.

Leslie has volunteered in various capacities at WordCamps, meetups, non-profits and is on the leadership committee for SheSays Boulder whose mission is to up level women in digital.

WordCamp Session Title

How to Optimize Images for SEO

Why Is This Important?

I submitted this talk because I have worked with and trained many DIY’ers to navigate the WordPress admin and add images to their websites. After seeing how many times people simply upload images either directly from their phones and cameras or from the large size of free or paid stock photo sites causing page bloat, slow load times and frustrated users, I want to help shift that trend with better practices. I’ve also seen how open people don’t rename their images which both creates poor accessibility access for those using screen readers and loss of valuable SEO keyword real estate.

How Did You Discover WordPress?

I was working with an artist at a non-profit to design a very custom, image intensive new website in 2009 which was originally going to be built on a custom CMS until the coder suggested we build the site on WordPress.

How Do You Use WordPress?

I help clients and non-profits create customized WordPress websites mainly on the Genesis Framework.

How Has WordPress Impacted You?

WordPress has impacted my business and life by offering me a way to work in the world that allows me to use both my linear and non-linear skills to create beautiful, functional and sustainable work in the world that supports other businesses and non-profits to have an online presence. A presence that also allows them to easily update their content without having to hire someone for each update. It has offered me community and on-going learning.

What Do You Do When Not Working?

Photography, create art, travel, bicycle and hike, volunteer, connect with others away from the computer, explore…

What Is Your Favorite Candy?


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